Wind, weather, and time are slowly eroding many of Alaska’s most distinctive landmarks – Russian Orthodox Churches. These churches, from Juneau to St. Paul Island and from Unalaska to Eklutna, date from the 19th century and hope for their rehabilitation comes from ROSSIA, Incorporated – Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska.ROSSIA Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to the preservation of Alaska’s Russian Orthodox Churches and iconography. Started in 2002 by preservation-minded Native corporation leaders, Orthodox clergy, government officials, architects, and historians, ROSSIA has helped initiate several restoration projects over the last twelve years. Our mission is to preserve Alaska’s historic Russian Orthodox churches and the historic articles and furnishings therein.

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Holy Ascension Cathedral, Unalaska

Our Top Priority: Fire Suppression and Preservation for Holy Ascension Orthodox Cathedral and Bishop’s House
In 2013, ROSSIA was the grateful recipient of a Rasmuson Foundation Tier 2 grant and a State of Alaska capital grant, and with the support of many community members and professionals we completed a large-scale preservation project for Kenai’s Holy Assumption Orthodox church. This project included the installation of a state-of-the-art, hi-fog mist fire suppression system and the building of a mechanical outbuilding, blessed St. Juvenaly by the Bishop, to house the pump and workings. This important structure is on-site with the Church, and it houses a restroom, gift shop, and mechanical support for the Church, as well. The completion of this project for ROSSIA means the first installation of a fire suppression system which can protect the building from fire and also protect the icons within from damaging smoke and water in the event of a fire. For the Holy Assumption parish and community of Kenai, the completion of the project means comfort in the preservation of a much-loved treasure and National Historic Landmark.

We are pleased to be announce our next project in both preservation and fire suppression for the Holy Ascension Cathedral and historical Bishop’s House in Unalaska, Alaska. Together with the Holy Ascension parish and the community of Unalaska, we have plans to complete historic renovations on the Bishop’s House and install a similar hi-fog mist fire suppression system in the Cathedral. The Cathedral houses some of Alaska’s oldest and most sacred icons, and it is our pleasure to launch a project that would ensure the preservation of the property, a National Historic Landmark, in the event of a fire.

Please CLICK HERE to join us in preserving Holy Ascension and protecting it and the icons within from fire damage and destruction.

ROSSIA, Inc. is proud to be a partner with the Pick.Click.Give program. Please consider a supplemental donation to ROSSIA when you apply for your Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.